My last stand…

It’s been nearly five years since I first started blogging. It was good, in fits and starts; never more than a month or two at a time, often with months at a time between sets. Blogging seemed without fail to make me feel better, and when I haven’t, I have missed it. I’ve even dreamt of it.

This is a fresh start, and I fully intend to make it into something this time. I have a brand new name, as well as a different platform. Things have changed for me and mine quite a bit since last I blogged way back in June (more on that in the coming posts, as I can’t just give everything away now, can I?).

Some of what I have tried to do in my previous attempts, like Mama’s Mission of the Month. Other things, I may pick up as things progress. Like I mentioned, things have changed. The last time I wrote, I only had the younger two of my five kids living here with me. Now, the younger two are joined by their oldest brother. The only constant here, aside from laundry and cleaning house is change.

So, as 2015 fades away, I will post to set things up, and as of New Year’s Day, this blog will be officially restarted.

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