January 2016: Mama's Mission of the Month

Due to being buried in Littlest Pet Shop, Shopkins, Legos, and just about every other small toy that you could imagine that a four year old boy and a five year old girl would be in to, and that is where I was all day yesterday. It was crazy, but everything is sorted out. The Christmas stuff is for the most part put away, and the toys are all sorted out and put in their own buckets on the rack. Add to that those certain broken toys that have been weeded out and dealt while the kids were gone. Score one for mommy!

With all that being said, my first Mama’s Mission of the Month post has been delayed a couple of days longer than it should have been. Normally, I will post it on the first of the month, along with the outcome of the prior month, but with Winter Break, I had all three kids to contend with, and two of them are higher maintenance than the third.

I “found” Mama’s Mission of the Month by chance in the spring of 2011 and loved the idea of it. By having goals and posting them to my blog as she did, it holds my more accountable. Personally, I use her blank template and then add my own little categories. Some are the same as the pre-filled version, while others are my own. The printable can be found HERE.

Here it is, Mama’s Mission of the Month for January 2016:


  • Read 4 books (minimum) in January
  • Take better care of myself
  • Do the daily to do lists from CMB starting ¼


  • Date night at least once
  • One-on-one activity with each kid
  • Write and send off Christmas Thank Yous


  • Chore charts/Schedules for each of the kids
  • Find out about ACT/SAT testing for Connor
  • Join PTA at FLA


  • Thin out clothes, toys, etc.
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Meal Plan


  • Budget for the month and stick to it
  • No grocery shopping without a list!!!
  • Start Christmas savings and some sort of allowances


  • Keep Erin Condren planner and Cozi calendar up to date
  • Keep all appointments
  • Help Connor find a part time job.


  • Start the year off on the right foot (15 posts MINIMUM for January)
  • Write out rough blog posing schedule
  • Set up accompanying social sites


  • Sell lots of Girl Scout cookies
  • Deal with Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Start looking at minivans

And, being that I’m already three days in, time to get going!

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