Erin Condren, where have you been my whole life?

I admit it freely… I always have my smartphone close at hand. I even go as far as to call it my brain, because I am totally lost without it. It has my phone numbers and addresses and my Cozi calendar with all its alarms for things that I need to get me and/or one or more of the kids to. Then there’s my Kindle app with all my ever-growing library, plus my boredom buster and stress relieving games and apps, and my social networking sites.

With all that being said, I have never been able to quite break up with an old fashioned day planner. I have always tried to keep one; it just hasn’t always panned out. They were either too bulky or the format was all wrong, or not cute enough (how shallow, right?). I heard about Erin Condren planners quite a while ago, and wanted one, although I never could quite justify getting myself one.

Then, it came to be Christmas time. Ryli wondered one day what I would get from her and her brothers, and I just happened to have visited more than a time or two in the preceding days. I went ahead and took the plunge and bought myself one. I justified it with the facts that it was almost Christmas, I needed a new planner, and I have more things coming up on a frequent basis that I need to keep tabs on.

So far, I love it, and almost kick myself for waiting so long. I got myself the viva españa granada groove, personalized with “lisa & co” on the cover, in the hourly format. I seriously can’t wait to put more appointments into it.  It’s just so practical and cute. It’s tabbed by month, and each tab has an inspirational quote. The calendar is big enough to comfortably write in, while still keeping the planner as a whole an easy size to stow in my purse du jour. The spiral binding is so heavy, too. I accidentally sat on my purse (right on the binder) and you can still turn the pages, as it looks as if nothing happened!

There’s the standard perpetual calendar for this year and next, with all the months colored to match their tabs in the planner, followed up with a motivational quote across the next two pages with twelve color-coded by month boxes to write goals for the month. Then, the months appear. The full month calendar, followed by the weekly pages. I am so happy to have finally found a planner that has the weekend formatted exactly the same as Monday through Friday, because in this house, we have just as much going on during the weekends.

After December runs its course, there’s a tab for miscellaneous. I use mine for addresses and phone numbers that I need on a regular basis, but it could be used for anything you could dream up. Then, after another look at 2017 comes the really fun stuff. There are four pages of stickers; 2 pre-filled (birthday, game, day off, various appointments, concerts, parties, and vacation).  Then comes the two pocket folder, and bringing up the rear is the pocket that held additional little freebies that I use to house my Designer Dots, appointment slips, and anything else I don’t need frequently enough to carry in my wallet.

When you add my little color coded, erasable pens to write everything down in the planner, it’s already looking like I’m going to be more organized in 2016 than ever. I even got the budget book and fitness planner as add-ons to my order (they fit perfectly in the folder in the back). I fully intend to get a lot more stickers and accessories, as well as an address book. I love love LOVE this planner!  I’ll say it again, Erin Condren, where have you been all my life?!?


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