Finally getting organized


So, the posts haven’t been coming as fast as and often as I’d have liked. It hasn’t been because I haven’t had ideas of things to write. I have been cleaning, relocating, and organizing the hell out of the house. I now have a downstairs that is presentable. I’m not going to lie, though, depending on when one would come by, it is in various states of lived in. What do you expect with a four year old hurricane, a five year old tornado, and seventeen year old tumbleweed?

Being that it’s January, and 2016 is still essentially a newborn, storage totes have been on sale everywhere. The kitchen got reorganized with some of those, and nearly all my cooking and baking essentials like the sugars, rice, quinoa, etc. all have their own air-tight storage containers; the flour is the only one that still sits in a bag, as I will need a really big sealed jar for that. The only “messy” spot is the cupboard where I stow my containers and mixing bowls, along with all the damn lids. That is, and will probably continue to be, a mess.

The living room has been dealt with, and a partial purge has been done on the kids toys. The one messy area is my desk, but that is hereditary. Grandpa even had a sign on his desk that reads “A cluttered desk is a sign of genius”. Even my desk and “office” will be getting a makeover once I get a few supplies to organize, along with the courage to unload my boot box of pens that I’ve collected. That should happen here in the upcoming weeks.

The upstairs will get done today and tomorrow, and then it should be rather easy to keep this place in check. The donation bins down the street will probably be filled to over-flowing, but at least it is out of my hair.

In keeping with all of that, next week, I’m going to start Money Saving Mom’s 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, which you can find HERE on Monday. So, Monday through Friday, I’ll have a task to do, with weekends off. I’m thinking that I’ll post an overview of the week ahead on Sunday, and then use Saturday to recap the week, with pictures. She may have originally posted it in 2012, but it is rather timeless.

Also, come February 1, I’m going to give the old Fly Lady another go. I already added it to my Cozi account ages ago, and I think that I am now to a point where it will actually help me maintain everything that I have going ghee. We shall see. And the chores roll out (finally) on Monday as well, so I may have some grumpy, protesting offspring to contend with, but c’est la vie!

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