(Re)discovering Pinterest

I dabbled with Pinterest back in the early days. I didn’t keep up with it very well. I thought that it’d be better to just bookmark things that I found interesting. What seemed well and good in theory truly sucked in the world of reality. There is nothing quite as frustrating to know that you bookmarked something, but can’t find it when you want/need it.

So, I started up once again. There has already been a significant change in my habits. I have prepared one recipe from Facebook that I wanted to pin but couldn’t remember how, one dinner  (Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken, which will be made again and again) made from a new pin, and the chocolate banana bread I made yesterday that neither Ryli or Connor can seem to get enough of. I’m already plotting a few changes to my organization of my boards, but so far, I don’t think there are any complaints.

Ryli has already been shown a printable to make her teacher a Valentine next month, and she has also given me some ideas to look for to plan her sixth birthday here in a few weeks.  I’m getting some ideas for the upcoming sixth birthday that’s just around the corner.

I think in the future, when I actually remember that I have a decent camera, I will post about my triumphs and failures with Pinterest. I think the key is remembering all the galleries of Pinterest “fails” that float around. Keeping in mind how bad things could have turned out makes it even more fun; particularly when they don’t end up that way!

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