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Our journey with ITP…

appears to have reached an end after nine long months. We took Landry in to see his hematologist at Children’s Dallas for a blood draw yesterday. We hadn’t been since October, and as long as his numbers are as good or better than they were that day, his ITP is considered gone. (See this for all the details about ITP from a previous post on the “old” retired blog)

It’s been surreal at times, ever since Landry’s shirtless little self walked up to me with petichiae spread all over his little chest. The WTF text to my mom, complete with a picture, and her saying to take him to the pediatrician as soon as possible. Calling her on the way to the lab for the first draw that brought with it the diagnosis asking what ITP meant, as the doctor had sprawled “possible ITP” across the top of the orders. Calling as soon as the office to get the results and being asked if we needed a referral to a hematologist (thank you, FVL for already getting us one of those)

The first time that his numbers dropped under 10,000 and he bumped heads with Ryli just being “normal” kids that resulted in five hours in the emergency room with a hyper not quite four year old is rough, especially when mommy is worried about a bleed. Two rounds of prednisone. Landry ate me out of house and home. Then, the IViG, and things took an upswing. The box of toys from Care Packages for ITP and Poke-R Club from PDSA helped make things a bit better.

Now, Landry is officially and medically cleared to BE a normal, rough and tumble four year old. I was afraid this day would never come. From a low point of platelets at 4,000, he is now sitting pretty at  427,000, on the higher end of normal. We’ll take it!

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