Girls with Curls

I will freely admit it here, I was one of those girls that up until a few years ago wished and wished that I was as lucky as the gals who were lucky enough to have curly hair. I had a thick mop of hair that absolutely would NOT curl without some blood, sweat, and tears. After all that work, I was lucky if they lasted more than an hour or two. When I used to get perms (hello… Annie came out when I was in first grade, and I wanted nothing more than to be the brunette equivalent) they had to rinse my hair before the curl “took”, because it had already been on extra, and the curls still weren’t holding. My hair was breaking off instead.

I heard my curly and wavy counterparts complain, but I honestly thought that it couldn’t be THAT bad. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that in my mid-thirties, I would get a taste of what they go through on a daily basis.

You see, Ryli may have been born bald as a bowling ball, but by about a year old, it was becoming quite apparent that she was going to have a head full of curls. Grown out as it is now, it can be brushed and sprayed to wavy quasi-submission. Up, and she has long ringlet curls that remind me of the girl Ramona the Pest would “boing” the curls of. Taking care of them is a beast.

Her hair tends to be dry and even more prone to snarls and tangles after a night’s rest than even mine. Her hair even manages to tangle doing pretty much nothing. I did my best, until it just wasn’t enough, and then, I made a desperate plea to my curly haired friends for help, because I was ready to pull out my hair and get the poor girl a crew cut. It was bad.

The suggestions were awesome, and finally, I have a few things in our routine that make it a little more bearable. I still long for the day when I can hand the reins over to her, as it’s her hair, after all. We pull it back before bed, or even better yet, braid it. I use this brush and this spray in, argan oil treatment daily, and we wash and condition it only twice a week. Still searching for the perfect shampoo for her, but that, too, shall come.

All this having been said, I will gladly keep my straight tresses, and I marvel at how anyone can even have a head of curls and their sanity.

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