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Recap of the first week overview

So, tomorrow I restart on the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, so here is the new overview for the week.

DAY ONE: Clean out purse and/or diaper bag: I will reorganize my main, boat of a purse and each of the little ones appointment day backpacks, since we are well beyond the diaper stage.

DAY TWO: Clean the refrigerator (ewww… I hate this one). Between leftovers that somehow got pushed behind to grow DIY antibiotics (that’s a joke) to all the drips and spills from the kids… I hate this task.

DAY 3: Clean the freezer. Not to daunting, except for maybe finding space on the counters for all the stuff while I wipe it down. This should be fun.

DAY 4: Clean under beds and furniture. This one could be gross (Hurricane Landry likes to stash things from time to time), while at the same time, solve long standing house mysteries!

DAY 5: Clean the couch. This could make me wealthier.

This time, I will be updating daily.

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