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Monday (delayed) REVISED UPDATE 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home:

The plan was that I would organize my purse and Landry’s bag last night, as I was still going through the clothes and all of that pretty much the entire day. Then, much to my surprise, I had two kids trying to fall asleep before I could get them dressed after bed.

Long story short, I went to bed before I did this task. It’s been done since before 5:00, but I’m having difficulties with my camera, so as soon as I get the problems fixed. Thanks for the patience.


This is what I was looking at for the bags:

I admit, normally, I go with one, but due to the fact that I’m going to an appointment of unknown duration, I’m going prepared to camp out.


Here’s what I have to fit in:

My binder, think pad (also known as a sketch pad I can write my ideas on and doodle), umbrella. iPad, wallet, blog planner, Erin Condren planner, wallet, make up bag, power bank, wallet, and wallet for insurance cards. Not pictured: the phone (it was in my hand), my pens, Landry’s Kindle (he was up), and the organic lollipops and honey tubes I keep in my purse for the kids).

And the final result (with and without the Kindle):

And thank you, Google, for helping me through my .jpeg hiccup from hell. Now to get through this appointment so I can clean the fridge.

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