Organization, Routine, Scheduling

Fly Lady: Take 1,001

I once again am vowing to start doing the Fly Lady thing. Part of my rationale is it will be far easier to get the kids into a routine if I myself get myself into one. I like how they break it down into zones, and they break the zones down into missions. The only thing I will probably not stick to totally is the getting dressed including lace up shoes, as most of my favorite shoes zip. I’ve had a stroke; sometimes I would prefer not to have my shoes tied by someone else.

I just want to get this house under control, and with the Hurricane, Tornado, and Tumbleweed in residence, that is really not an easy feat at times. With any luck, Fly Lady will help me get over the proverbial bumps and hiccups that usually get in my way.

Tomorrow, I start by doing the whole shining the sink thing. This time, I’m actually going to do it the “right” way, and not my way. That should get me off to a better start than all the other times I have tried, tweaking things that I shouldn’t have been tweaking. I’ll give it the month, and then, I may tweak a little bit to fit our family’s particular ways and schedule. Even that may not happen. If I do it “by the book” and it works, there’s no need to fix it. I’ll just take it all as it comes.

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