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Mama's Mission of the Month January 2016 Recap

Here it is, Mama’s Mission of the Month for January 2016. I’ve decided that when selecting the appropriate picture for whether or not I accomplished my “Mission” I will revert to the old high school grading scale, and anything “passing” will get the “Mission Accomplished” and the failing grades will get the “Mission Not Accomplished”. So, without any further to do, here it goes:



  • Read 4 books (minimum) in January Can you say EPIC FAIL?
  • Take better care of myself
  • Do the daily to do lists from CMB starting ¼


  • Date night with Ryan at least once Nope.
  • One-on-one activity with each kid
  • Write and send off Christmas Thank Yous EPIC FAIL


  • Chore charts/Schedules for each of the kids
  • Find out about ACT/SAT testing for Connor
  • Join PTA at FLA


  • Thin out clothes, toys, etc.
  • Shampoo carpets Nada
  • Meal Plan Oops


  • Budget for the month and stick to it
  • No grocery shopping without a list!!!
  • Start Christmas savings and some sort of allowances Delayed


  • Keep Erin Condren planner and Cozi calendar up to date
  • Keep all appointments
  • Help Connor find a part time job. Delayed


  • Start the year off on the right foot (15 posts MINIMUM for January)
  • Write out rough blog posing schedule
  • Set up accompanying social sites


  • Sell lots of Girl Scout cookies
  • Deal with Iowa Department of Transportation On hold
  • Start looking at minivans On hold



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