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Mama's Mission of the Month: February 2016


Once again, the printable can be found here. And now, presenting  Mama’s Mission of the Month for February 2016:



  • Date night with Ryan
  • One-on-one activity with each kid
  • Supervise Ryli’s writing of thank you’s after her birthday


  • Reboot chores
  • Find out about ACT/SAT testing for Connor
  • Read to the littles 30 minutes EVERY night


  • Finish the purge of unused possessions
  • Meal plan and stick to it!!!
  • Fly Lady


  • Budget for the month and stick to it
  • No grocery shopping without a list!!!
  • Catch up on savings and reboot allowances


  • Keep planners up to date
  • Find a new PCP for Connor and I and schedule an appointment for me
  • Help Connor find a part time job.


  • Continue blogging at least 15 new posts this month
  • Continue writing post ideas down
  • Maintain and link social sites


  • Help Nicole with her place
  • Make it through the month with money
  • Start looking at minivans



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