Mama's Mission of the Month, Organization

21 Days

So, Mama’s Mission of the Month was more or less an epic fail for January. I basically derailed in one way or another on about half of what I wrote. I spent a lot of time during those last days of January trying to figure out just what I did wrong (a lot) and what I did right (there were a few of them).

One thing stood out as a shinning success amongst them all, and it was the item that I applied another gem that I had gotten from Mama Jenn. There is a worksheet on her site “21 Days to Becoming (the me that I really want to be)”. I tried it last month for my first time, after having it saved on my hard drive for at least a year. I used it to try and develop a bedtime routine for myself. I was fortunate that I actually got it done on my first three weeks, but it went very well.

For February’s Mama’s Mission of the Month, I’m going to see if lightning really does strike twice. My morning routine needs a makeover in the worst way. It’s so simple. You make your goal for what habit that you’d like to change, and underneath it there is space for your reason for the change and a few words of encouragement. It has the space for up to four attempts, with rooms for checkmarks or small stickers or whatever floats your boat. Between the goal writing and the tracking of the attempts, there’s a start date, goal date, and completion date.

I’m still putting together what I really want my morning routine to look like, but no later than Monday, February 8, I will be giving this another go.

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