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Happy Birthday, Ryli!!

Today, Ryli, my little tornado, is six. Six years ago, she followed in the footsteps of her big brother and was delivered by the nurse because there was no stopping her. I will never forget my L&D nurse saying “There’s the head”, followed instantly by Ryan saying “And there are the feet”. To this day, there’s nothing anyone can really do to stop her, as she will find a way.

She is adorable with her mass of light brown curls and those big brown eyes. And yes, she can be a little bossy, but sometimes, it’s just so cute. Ryli tends to be dramatic. She fought (and won) an argument with her dad to get on the stage and sing a song that she had made up herself, in the middle of a rap contest.

Today, I will finish up her Pinterest inspired birthday cake and take her treats up to school. Afterwards, it’s pizza, cake, and presents, followed by game night. She has requested Scrabble, but I’m sure that will be followed up by our usual Uno laugh fest.

When it’s all said and done, I’ll have an adorable, opinionated, smart, silly, sweet six year old who isn’t so little anymore.

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