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Catching up…

I need today. Ryli and Landry are off to Memaw’s with Ryan, and I get to catch up on pretty much everything. I get to whip the downstairs back into shape, do laundry, purge some more toys, do some laundry, plan next week, clean my desk, re-do the filing cabinet, and, if I am lucky, maybe some  time to catch my breath and relax. Connor will almost assuredly be trekking to the dumpster at least a time or two, but aside from that and maybe a few other things,

Basically, I hope today is my reset day, and that I get everything back on track, because I really need to get them there. Tomorrow is already gone, as Grandma-Mom (my mom’s nickname by the littles) is coming, Ryli has cookie booth sales, and Super Bowl 50 happens. I get things on track, and I’ll feel better about everything and be able to do the things I want to do, be it with the kids, Ryan, myself, the blog… you get the gist.

I am adapting to the fact that I have been getting up before the sun for about a month now. I want to be able to take those few hours before everyone else wakes up to do a few things for me, because there seems to be no time for her once everyone else gets up and moving. I just want time to work on the blog, me, read, and all the other things that seem to take a backseat to everything else.

I am trying to finally get everything running at least semi-smoothly around here, and I suppose that blogging about it keeps me accountable. I want to be able to do some of the challenges that I have seen posted on other blogs that I read, and also to do some of what I’ve read, at least in the book that I’m currently reading (more on that when I finish, which should be very soon at the rate I’m going).

With that, I’m going to get up off of here and start working. Have a good Saturday!

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