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Saturday early morning confessional

I feel like everything is falling apart. The old saying about the best intentions going to waste keeps coming to mind. I fell off the wagon with my little evening routine. The house is a perpetual problem… I get one room done only to have Hurricane and/or Tornado demolish another one.

In talking with Nicole, we may get a storage unit together to split. We both have space issues and things that we’d rather not part with, so it makes sense to split the cost and go in on one together. It also has the added perk of both of us will have a key, because we both tend to misplace things.

Fly Lady is getting yet another reboot on Sunday night. The 21 Days to Becoming (the me that I really want to be) is also restarting on Monday for a daily morning and before bedtime routine, and I’m going to go for 84 days so maybe I won’t fall off again.

I am also going to kick my worst habit, smoking, as soon as I run out. I just don’t want to do it anymore. So I’ve downloaded a few apps and I’ll give it another go. I’ve told no one, because I don’t want to be talked into just cutting back, as that simply doesn’t work for me.

This weekend, the house WILL get done for once and for all. I’m sick of putting out the proverbial fires. The only messy room will of course house Hurricane and Tumbleweed… it looks like the room of a 17 year old and a 4 year old.

Next weekend, I’m helping Nicole out with her place, so the next time I get a free weekend; I’m going to do a serious purge of the kids’ toys. There’s just so much that they don’t even play with. I’m sick and tired of picking up all the stuff that they cast aside to get to the toys that they always want to play with. There are two full storage totes in the living room and two more in the boys’ closet that arte full to bursting with toys that they haven’t even missed.

I just want to get things less chaotic, and they are a hot mess as of late. I want to be able to relax from time to time and not feel as if I always have to do something to fix something else. Where it’s maintenance, not total revamp phase. I just finished a really good book and plan on reviewing it here as soon as I reread it and do the activities that it suggests.

I just want to be able to spend time doing what I want and less time doing things that seem like miniature crises. So, here is to somehow getting the bulk of things accomplished throughout this dreaded three day weekend so that from here, things are a bit more mundane.

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