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Yes! The downstairs is almost perfect. A few more hours today, and it will be nothing, besides a little upkeep. Only putting the living room back together and doing the half bath, then borrowing Nicole’s vacuum since mine has given its last suck. Then, on to the upstairs; just the master, hallway, and bathroom, as I will let the kiddos clean the boys’ room. It’s only right, after all, considering that it was them who messed it all up to begin with. Then up to the office to put in a few work orders, and I am in upkeep mode, as opposed to the dreaded “catch up” mode I have been somehow living in.

While cleaning the kitchen, I have decided that instead of resuming Money Saving Mom’s 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, I’m going to incorporate it with FlyLady’s zones and give each area of the house a swift kick to the ass. The room(s) at I tackle may or may not match up to the zone of the week, but I’m actually hoping for that, as it’ll just make this place more and more livable and enjoyable that much faster.

The kitchen drawers and cupboards need some TLC, that’s for sure. The same can be said for the closets and dresser drawers. So, as I finish up the spruce, I’m going to make up an organization plan for the nit-picky, perfecting part. It won’t all be a one and done scenario, because I do have kids, but hopefully it never gets to a point like it is right now. And yes, I will do before and afters and all that. I’m actually thinking that I’ll make it some sort of regular thing throughout the month of March. Maybe a “31 Days of”-type thing. I don’t know, but more will be revealed.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have work to do.

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