Organization, Routine, Scheduling

Fed UP!

I am sick and tired of it all; the plans that i make for myself that just peter out and fade away. I know what I want to do, I know how it will make me feel, I just somehow loose interest or get sidetracked.

So, here is my master grand master plan to have this go-round stick. I did really well with the “21 Days to Becoming…” for a little better than the prescribed 21 days, and then, for whatever reason, I just trailed off.

After consulting Dr. Google, I read in several articles that habits can take up to several months to fully form. So, my idea was to fill out a “21 Days to Becoming…” to establish a morning and night time routine that work off of each other. Then, I changed things up a bit on the printable itself. I turned the 21 to an 84 with one of my handy dandy Sharpies. I then dated all the boxes in all four columns for the full 84 days and numbered them to boot (I did goof and make two 21’s, but I’ll overlook that little cosmetic flaw)

Today and tomorrow will be practice rtuns, and starting on the 21st anniversary of my stroke, I’ll officially kick-off the 84 days.When I pull of the morning routine, I’ll mark the date with a _. For the nighttime routinr, I’ll use a , so each completed day will result in a +. Some days will surely end in a partial +, but this is life with children involved. If I run into three days with no trace of a +, I’ll start over from scratch.

As for the routine,I’m going to use my Fly Lady Control Journal so it’s all written out and in a sturdy binder, safe inside a sheet protector. My hope is that having it written out on psper will help me to accomplish it. Then, if I’m lucky, the space between my morning and night time routines will becvome more ordered of their own accord.

Here goes nothing….

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