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unfrazzled Friday

In the words of the little lady in Poltergeist, “This house is clean”. I love it… I’m actually relaxed right now. The house is by no means museum clean, but lived in clean.  I’d actually put it as a house full of school age kids, but that is solely due to the fact that Hurricane Landry has been up for less than an hour. I expect him to get bored of Star Wars on his Kindle whist simultaneously watching old Batman cartoons shortly, though. Then, I can only guess at what he will do. Making a mess is a foregone conclusion, though.

I’ve gotten down on my butt and straightened up cupboards this morning. Storage containers and pots, pans, and baking dishes are now safe from avalanche when the doors are opened. I really can’t wait to see how long it lasts, but for now, it sure does look good (excuse the smudge of pasta sauce from Landry’s lunch).

Before this, you couldn’t even open either one without a mini-landslide… which, on the pots and pans side, could be painful.

I’ve made all my calls and sent all the e-mails that I needed to send. I’ve kept up after Landry for the most part, and he’s helped with the rest. Yes, I have been working on this post for awhile; ahh the joys of being ADD. Now, I’m working on this post while Landry plays Minecraft in almost silence. Life is good. The only thing left on my to-do list is my filing cabinet, which I’m planning on doing after I get Ryli and Landry off to Dreamland. To do it with them awake would be like trying to shovel during a blizzard.

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