The house is a little less crowded today. I can now busily walk around the kitchen without constantly looking under my feet. I no longer have to look under the drawer in the dishwasher before I shut it. The kittens have almost totally left the house.

There’s only one left. He was claimed, yet never picked up, so I am relisting him. I admit, I feel sorry for him, as he is pretty lost without his sisters and brother. Then again, he is getting the undivided attention of the three kids in an alternating schedule, so I doubt there is a risk of him becoming attention starved by any means.

In other potentially huge news,  Landry slept from 2:00 to 9:30… in his own bed. That is epic. He also woke up happy and says that he will do it from now on, because sleeping with mom is for babies. This from the same kid who insisted I lay down with him after he got a drink last night. I slept till 4:00 in his bed.

Connor is currently on supervisor duty with the little ones outside so I can catch myself some of that thing that’s called peace and quiet. I like it. Nothing but the click of my keyboard. Granted, eventually, I will miss the little screwballs and all their shenanigans, but for now, I will take this silence and revel in it!

Tomorrow starts a busy week, registering Landry for kindergarten, voting on Super Tuesday, going to get my medications checked, starting a slew of projects (read about that tomorrow), and perfecting the house. Somewhere in there, I’ll get Landry re-evaluated for speech therapy, and deal with anything else that happens to pop up.

And now, I must go to prepare little Lord Garmadon for his trip to his new home. Yes, Landry named him. Connor will be running a diversion while I hand him off. I’m going to miss the little wannabe floor mat, too, but sometimes, you just have to do things that you wish you didn’t.

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