February, Mama's Mission of the Month

Mama's Mission of the Month February 2016 Recap

MissionNOTAccomplishedYETNow isn’t this embarrassing… another abysmal month on the missions for this month. They say the third time is the charm, so here’s to hoping that March goes better than January and February.



  • Date night with Ryan
  • One-on-one activity with each kid
  • Supervise Ryli’s writing of thank you’s after her birthday


  • Reboot chores
  • Find out about ACT/SAT testing for Connor
  • Read to the littles 30 minutes EVERY night


  • Finish the purge of unused possessions
  • Meal plan and stick to it!!!
  • Fly Lady


  • Budget for the month and stick to it
  • No grocery shopping without a list!!!
  • Catch up on savings and reboot allowances


  • Keep planners up to date
  • Find a new PCP for Connor and I and schedule an appointment for me POSTPONED
  • Help Connor find a part time job. POSTPONED


  • Continue blogging at least 15 new posts this month
  • Continue writing post ideas down
  • Maintain and link social sites


  • Help Nicole with her place POSTPONED (schedule conflicts)
  • Make it through the month with money
  • Start looking at minivans


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