Where'd it go?

This week has just flown by, and it has left me feeling a bit unaccomplished. Then again, some really good things happened this week, so I suppose I could just call it a wash.

I finally got some new jeans, a pair of capris, two new bras, and a handful of really cute tops, and I have a pair of Buskins leggings that should be here on Monday. Granted, they were all larger sizes than I’m used to, but I can once again wear jeans, so there’s that. I’m really just looking forward to wearing some clothes that fit better.

Ryli’s open house at school was on Thursday. That was a lot of fun, aside from the meltdown about coloring and eating nachos in the cafeteria. Ryli is doing very well. Tutoring is helping immensely, and she is not only a stickler for the rules, but a big helper as well. Her artwork is also evolving, and she made up a class cheer by herself. Even her specials teachers that we bumped into in the halls knew her well and sung her praises. I was quite the proud mama.

What started my week off a bit on the out of sorts side was having Landry wake me up for the day before 5:00 two mornings in a row; both Monday and Tuesday. It showed me just how much I need to get those moments of peace and quiet to chase away the night’s cobwebs and get my gameplan going.

Here’s to hoping that the upcoming week goes a bit smoother. It’s also spring break, so we shall see.


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