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Life with… Tech

Tech… it’s a blessing and a curse. No matter where you are, its there in one form or another it seems. I think it’s safe to say that damn near everyone has at least a smart phone on their person at any given time.

I know that I am one of many who forego a landline because my smart phone is almost always with me. When it isn’t with me, I am left feeling lost and, if the situation presents itself, bored as a gourd. My phone is filled with contacts, my favorite calendar app, Kindle, and various games and other time killers. In a pinch, I can pass it to one of the kids if we get stuck somewhere not entirely kid friendly.

All that being said, sometimes, I miss the days where I didn’t feel tethered to my phone. It’s hard to reconcile the fact that I had the first three kids before everyone and their grandmother had a cell phone. When I could go and run a few errands and not be called for every little thing the younger two come up with; when I could go for a walk, and not be interrupted by a thing.

I hate that I feel so beholden to my phone. I’ve been contemplating whether or not to get a landline, just so I can get some people to call a number that doesn’t have a $150.00+ handset. Hell, it’d be nice if the kids could talk to a grandparents and I could still access my second brain.

The kids got Kindles for Christmas (THANK YOU, Grandma-Mom), because they love my first generation, hand me down iPad (thanks again, Nicole). Yet, Kindles in hand, they still go for my iPad any time their Kindles have a battery problem (still trying to get them to plug them in when the battery is running low… apparently, I’m supposed to KNOW the batteries are getting low). Granted, I always have them fully charged for visits to the doctor and other planned, rather boring events, but nothing seems to cure the “I’m boreds” or fights over what to watch quite like the electronics. (Yes, I would prefer that the kids get out and lay more, but living in the neighborhood that I do with no backyard, that isn’t always an option. Sometime in the next six months or so, I am hoping for a backyard again and someplace safe to ride bikes and scooters)

Through tech, I’m also able to sit on my butt and blog, keep up with whatever, shop, and look whatever my little heart desires, all in my pajamas, just sitting at my desk. Sitting here drafting a post on the computer still feels foreign to me. I do it more and more because it saves an obscene amount of paper and I don’t have to ever trash my desk to find it. I do miss writing. I find it sad that schools don’t always teach cursive anymore. That’s what tech is doing to us.

As much as I depend upon it, I also dislike it. I miss it when things were simpler. I’m old enough, though, to realize that it is here, and it’s going nowhere.

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