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Homemade Febreeze

In my perusing of my newsfeed, I noticed a recipe for homemade Febreeze that I forgot to share to save on my wall. I love Febreeze, but I can’t really get past my sticker shock without some help from coupons. The recipe that I saw in my feed involved Downy Unstoppables, so I googled and checked out a few recipes while assembling my list of household necessities for the month. Target had a $15 off of a $50 purchase on pretty much everything I needed, and Unstoppables were on the list of qualifying products. There were also a few things that I needed to get at Walmart, so I’d pick up some $0.98 spray bottles while I was there.

I looked at several recipes and tweaked them all to make my own, and the result is phenomenal.

Here’s what you need:

32 ounce spray bottle

½ cup Unstoppables (I already want to try other scents)

+/- 1 T. rubbing alcohol

Hot tap water to fill bottle

I used a funnel to pour the ½ cup Unstoppables into the spray bottle. Then I poured in enough rubbing alcohol to cover the Unstoppable beads. Add the hot water to the bottle (I put 27 ounces in so there’d be enough space to shake everything up). Shake the bottle til the beads dissolve and you are good to go spray away.

I made two bottles, one for upstairs, and one for downstairs. I still have enough of the Unstoppables left to make several refill bottles when the time comes. Now, I can spray at will and not worry about the cost!

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