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Mama's Mission of the Month: October 2016


Remember that old cliché about it’s better late than never? Can you go easy on me and take this in the same manner? Things have been absolutely crazy busy here for a few weeks. I have since gotten done all I could do for the time being. Everyone is where they need to be for now, and things are good, the past few months considered.

I figure that I will get into what caused me to vanish for all these months, and the ensuing chaos around it. Honestly, we’re still dealing with the repercussions even know. It’s harder to write about than I thought it would be, so please, bear with me.

I am going back to the same thing that I started with back in January: Mama’s Mission of the Month, for all the reasons that I started with it back then. Now, I need the goals and accountability even more. Once again, I’m going to use the blank template and add my own categories. They may change slightly month to month, unless I lucked out and nailed my first try.  I still just adore the idea of making myself accountable to someone besides myself for what I set out to get done. The printable for Mama’s Mission of the Month  can be found HERE.

Here it is, Mama’s Mission of the Month for October 2016:


  • Start working on a morning routine
  • Start journaling
  • Read at least two books for fun


  • Streamline desk
  • Keep Cozi and Erin Condren up to date


  • One on one time with Ryli, Landry, and Connor
  • Figure out chores and responsibilities when we get the new apartment


  • Budget for November
  • Plan how to arrange the new apartment
  • Figure out needs for new apartment


    • Post 2-3 times a week minimum
    • Start reading Feedly again
    • Restart Twitter, Pinterest, etc.


  • Start attending groups


  • Get bloodwork in check (gotta love Coumadin)
  • New doctors for Connor
  • Ryli and Landry in to the dentist


  • Find out about Tucker
  • Get Connor squared away with school ID and bus pass
  • Get my bus pass going

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