Domestic Violence


I am still having a hell of a time putting to computer screen exactly why I vanished like I did, and I’m sorry about that. It is rather significant that I am finally getting this out in October, however, being that it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. For too long, I was a victim of domestic violence, but now, I am doing everything in my power to be a survivor.

I am currently residing in a shelter while the kids and I await our new apartment, which should be ready sometime in early November. He’s in jail right now. He knows we were moving, but he doesn’t know when or where. It’s been hard. The two months that he was still out there before he was arrested were awful. Then, there was the week that he was scheduled to grand jury. My former attorney was so concerned if the grand jury voted no bill, he would come after me, so she urged us into shelter, and the place that I’ve been receiving counseling operates a shelter, so the four of us are still together.

I am still working on the post to fill in more of the gaps. It’s just hard, and it may come out in pieces. It is coming, though.

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