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A slight change in plans… no need to be alarmed.

We have been in shelter just short of two months. Things are still somewhat crazier than they would be normally, for the sheer fact that I have extra people who I have to meet with any given week, and nothing seems to happen at a set time. Hell, dinner shows up at some point in a two and a half to three-hour window. It’s hard to do too much that’s planned in advance because there’s either stuff springing up last-minute at the shelter, or headaches with DART.

With all that being said, I’m going to put Mama’s Mission of the Month on hold until December at the earliest. November is looking to be absolutely crazy with moving and getting settled and all of that. Plus, there will be at least a court date for the felony, appointments that had to be changed when same day conflicts popped up, and all sorts of other assorted engagements. I’m also going to try to get involved in a few different things to “get a life” outside the house.

I do still intend to post at least twice a week during November, even when we go down to Georgetown for Thanksgiving (fingers crossed). Come December first, things will start to calm down a bit, and 2017 will be the time for this blog to form into what I had originally intended.

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