Domestic Violence

News that moved me…

As I was unlocking my phone earlier, I briefly saw a name on the summary of my notifications that I thought I recognized. As I opened my litany of notification, I knew that I had remembered the name. With this most recent protective order, X was ordered to go through Batterers’ Intervention, and supervision was to be through Faith & Liberty’s Place.

I had been curious just how it came to be named that, so I hit up my know-it-all pal, Mr. Google. As it happened, in 2001, two little girls were shot and killed by their father while their mother was on the phone with him. The girls’ names were Faith and Liberty. Their father did it to get back at the mother, who had reported his continued abuse to his probation officer, resulting in an arrest warrant. So the son of a bitch killed his two daughters to get back at his ex-wife.

He was tried and found guilty for the murders of Faith and Liberty, and was set for execution back in March. There were questions of his sanity, however, and he was given a stay so that his competency could be verified. Word came down about an hour and a half ago; the judge found him competent. Execution is set for December 7.

One of these days, I may have to take Landry and Ryli to Faith & Liberty’s Place for their two hour a week visits with their father. Maybe, because as of yet, he has done nothing to initiate the process, other than to request the intake packet for Faith & Liberty’s Place. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he turns around and tells people that I am keeping him away from the kids. `

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