A belated update…

For starters, it was a good thing that Connor and I early voted the Thursday before Election Day, as Election Day was a total mess. I went to my DV support group at the shelter like I usually do, and then I had to pull Ryli out of school to go to a dental appointment. I was just hanging around while she ate when my case manager found me. She had a strange look on her face, so, to break the tension, I solmenly looked at her and said “It wasn’t me”.

She proceeded to tell me that she just came from a meeting, and the kids and I would be moving to the shelter proper that day. That meant I had to get Ryli to and from the dentist (thank goodness I had a friend willing to chauffer), get back to the hotel, and pack like I did the night that we came into shelter. Somehow.

Within about seven hours of that conversation, and two trips back and forth in one of shelter’s minivans, teeth were tended to, Landry was brought to us, pizza was ordered, and every last thing we had at the hotel was over here.

I can’t get ahold of anyone at the new apartment complex. It’s beginning to look as if their office is closed for Thanksgiving. The last time I spoke with them was last Monday, and the inspection had still not been scheduled. My case manager here is going on vacation, so she’s getting all my exit papers in order should the new digs get inspected and I get moved beforeshe gets back. She doesn’t want anyone else doing her paperwork and goofing it up. I hope we are out of here by then, but I am so not holding my breath. DHA is slow enough in the best of times; with the holidays upon us, I fear their speed will be reduced to that of your slowest garden snail. She’ll only be gone a week and a half.

Landry went to school a whopping half a day last week, bewteen an upper respiratory infection with fever and a doctor’s appointment. Ryli missed a day and a half… half for the doctor’s appointment, and Friday because she was ill and feverish. Needless to say, I was very unproductive last week.

Last weekend, the wee ones were feeling better and a group put on a “Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner” for the shelter and followed it up with crafts. Connor and I now have our own cozy fleece blankets, and a ton of pictures of the Chinese Zodiac as colored by Ryli and Landry.

We just got back today from going to my mom and step-dad’s for Thanksgiving. I played Cards Againsy Humanity for the first time. That was epic. Come Monday, I’ll call to find out the status of the inspection and all of that so we can hopefully get moved before Christmas.


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