Since I’m feeling up to a good challenge…


I started two today, both pertaining to reading. One for Ryli and Landry, and another for me. Maybe I’ll get lucky and talk Connor and Tucker into one, but for now, I will claim success with a simple majority.

I saw the challenge for the kids in mid-December and was interested immediately. When I found out just what the challenge entailed, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that they were going to do it. It’s from Read Along Revival, and it’s pretty simple. Each of the kids has to spend fifteen minutes reading aloud to a person (even themselves, so long as it’s aloud) or a herd of stuffed animals a day. And it doesn’t even have to necessarily be every single day, so long as they read most days.Ryli can read, and needs a boost in confidence, and Landry can read a little, so he can read or just tell stories based on the pictures that are in the book. At the end of the 31 day challenge, they can enter to win one of 500 really cool book bags. I’m just looking forward to the stories Landry will weave.

My challenge, I came across just today. Goodreads and Kindle that I signed up for as fast as I could. For mine, you pick the number of books you want to read in 2017. I know how much I can read, and how much I love it, and how many books I want to read, so I put myself down for fifty. I know that here in the next few days, I’ll be reading no less than two chapter books at a time, since Ryli wants to start the Harry Potter series. I’ll have to have my book as well, as I read faster than I could ever read aloud.

All I really want to get out of the Read Along Revival Challenge is a boost to the kids’ confidence, and if I get lucky, activate the reader gene that was passed to me by my mom and her mom. As for the Goodreads/Kindle Challenge, I just love a good challenge! Expect posts along the way on our progress on both challenges!

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