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The Home Stretch


We now have a couch again; Ryli has spent a healthy chunk of every day its been here laying on it. Until her bed gets here, she’s even sleeping on it. Come Saturday, friends of mine will deliver the stuff that’s in storage, so, among other things, we’ll have our table and chairs, among other things. Wednesday will be the delivery of my starter kit from the shelter… household things and the two twin beds that we are short at the moment. Then there’s the washer and dryer, which should be delivered any day now.

The shower curtains have been hung. Van Gogh’s Starry Night in the hall bathroom; a zany little owl pattern for Ryli and I. The boys are doing a pretty good job of keeping their bathroom presentable. The worst thing about it currently is the laundry hamper, but I can’t do much without that pesky washer and dryer.watermarked2017-01-04-2206

I already have the layout more or less floating around in my head. I just can’t wait to implement it. Hopefully, I can get enough of it done and get uniforms clean to be able to send the kids off to school for the start of second semester at their new schools looking their best.

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