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A VERY busy week

This week sure got away from me in terms of posting. There was, however, very justified reasons, as you will see throughout this post. I have definitely been keeping busy, along with the kids.

The week started in the wee hours of Monday morning when I stayed up until nearly two watching “London has Fallen” and waiting for Dacey and Jesse to arrive. When everyone woke up later Monday morning, Dacey and Jesse loaded the kids and two car seats into the back of Jesse’s truck to shop and get haircuts, leaving me behind to work on y et more unpacking, since some friends of mine had brought over the contents of the storage unit Saturday morning.

Tuesday found me getting up extra early with Ryli to go and get her started at school. I filled out all the paperwork, and got to walk her to her room. When we got to her class, her teacher, Ms. R. asked Ryli if there was anything else that she could call her, as there was already a Riley in her class. Ryli picked her middle name, and by the end of the day when she got home from school, she wanted to be called Elizabeth full-time.



Wednesday, I got Elizabeth off to school, and then went to the high school with Tucker to start the whole process of getting him signed up to start. DISD is a bit more hardcore on the immunizations then is mandated by the state, so he will start this Wednesday after a shot and his 16 year well child check up and a shot in the arm. We also had two more beds delivered, along with all of our starter kit from the shelter right as Tucker and I got home from his school. A couple of hours later and the washer and dryer were FINALLY delivered. I started my insane amount of laundry as soon as the delivery men left the apartment.


Thursday made for a lot of trips to the dumpster for Connor and Tucker, as I tore through unpacking all of the boxes that were sitting around, in addition to continuing to plow through all the laundry we had. Everything had gone into storage clean, but after four months in storage, I decided that it all needed a bit of a refresh. Then there were the legitimately dirty things that we had used between leaving the shelter and the arrival of the beauties.

Friday was spent putting finishing touches on the living areas and taking a much deserved nap. I read more, played with the kids, and Connor, Landry, and I made a 9:00 p.m. soda run. It was a chill day.

Saturday, my mom came up for Tucker’s 16th birthday. Before she arrived, Elizabeth lost yet another tooth. Once G’maMom got here, we unloaded the final bed from her SUV, then headed to Garland for some Red Robin and a trip to Walmart to get Tucker’s birthday present and a few odds and ends for the apartment. We returned to the apartment to assemble the last bed and put our Walmart haul away.  Landry made good use of the time on the road and power-napped there and back.

Some chaos ensued after G’maMom left, but after the issues were addressed, everyone went to bed, and here I am now, playing catch up with the blog.


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