Mama's Mission of the Month

February 2017 Mama’s Mission of the Month

So, if you’ve read the first post today, January’s Mama’s Mission of the Month was fairly abysmal. Here’s to month two being a bit easier.

The printable for Mama’s Mission of the Month  can be found HEREand below you will find  Mama’s Mission of the Month for February 2017:


  • Finish five books by the end of the month.
  • Daily alone time (at least 5 minutes a day)
  • AM/PM bathroom routine


  • Make rules and routines
  • Make a daily time period that is unplugged and screen-free.
  • Break Landry of climbing into MY bed.


  • Budgets for February and March done before I leave the house on February 2
  • Set goals for some big purchases
  • Get prepaid card to put Christmas savings on


  • Everyone to all appointments
  • Find a PCP for Connor and I


  • Institute a Family Night/Game Night once a week.
  • Call Mom, Dad, and Dacey more often
  • Have “Ms Coley” over for dinner(s) more often


  • Post 3 times per week to Lisa & Co. and 2 times a week to Momoirs.
  • Use the blog planners
  • Look into some resources to help smooth things out


  • Meal plan
  • RE-vamp chore chart
  • Straighten out master and spare closets (old clothes to donation bins)


  • Keep the damn calendars up to date
  • February bus pass
  • Journal DAILY

Unlike every other month I tried this last year, here is to hoping that things go a lot better than they did pretty much all of this year.


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