Mama's Mission of the Month, Routine

RECAP: January 2017 Mama’s Mission of the Month

Well, this is a day late. Better late than never, I suppose. Warning, it’s pretty ugly. Items with a line were done, and the red ones fell by the wayside.

The printable for Mama’s Mission of the Month  can be found HEREand below you will find  Mama’s Mission of the Month for January 2017:


  • Finish at least three books. (Try 5!)
  • Take better care of me (better than in an age)
  • Get out more (granted, most was related to errands)


  • Get all the kids enrolled in their new schools (took long enough, but done)
  • “Read Along Revival” 31 Day Challenge (this will be getting it’s very own set of blog posts, starting tomorrow) (Easier than I thought… Ryli had to read 3 books a night aloud as homework)


  • Firm up monthly budgets
  • Make lists of what we still need to get for the apartment
  • Start saving for Christmas 2017 (you guessed it, this, too, shall have a post)


  • Get PCP situation all squared away (with some kinks)
  • Get Coumadin and the associated labs started


  • Have friends over
  • Write out Thank-Yous


  • Post to this blog at least twice a week; to the other blog, at least once a week
  • Work on using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. more often


  • Work on rules, routines, and cutting the chaos around here (progress, not perfection)
  • Meal plan (yeah… I can cook again!)


  • Keep Cozi, Erin Conren, and Moleskin all up-to-date
  • Start journaling
  • Get January bus pass

As you can see, I smooched the pooch on most of these. If I graded it, it’s a solid F with a not-so-stellar 47%.


Februaury’s Mama’s Mission will be up before the clock strikes midnight.

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