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One can dream, right?


I’m sitting here, taking a much deserved break in my new “office”. I needed to be able to think while at my desk, as well as be able to utilize it while munchkins are in bed. They think that I must be within whisper shot, or else, they will be overrun by boogeymen from beneath the beds (or something). I also commented to Nicole the first time I showed her the apartment that my closet was almost big enough to be a third bedroom.

Well, after a bit of rearranging, some removal of shelving, and furniture moving, I have my very own office, tucked away in the corner of my closet. As much as I wish I could put something together like in the picture (someday… sigh), I will take what I can piece together. Right now, that admittedly is a little eccentric, political, campy, and just plain zany, but so far, it works for me, and that really is all that matters.

So far, I’ve got my desk and chair here, obviously. Some of my drawers and files on each side. My sound bar is playing my iPod. One bulletin board is up; the other is still in the living room with my printer, filing cabinet, and everything else that was left behind. I think this will work out nicely once I get everything back here.

An added benefit will also be that I have a place to hide to watch some of my shows. The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones were little ones can’t see (and the big ones can’t be annoying for the sake of being annoying), and my Masterpiece and others that the kids just think are boring. It also frees the television for Connor and Tucker to watch their stuff. Win-Win-Win.

Time to go get back to work. Once I get the office put together and the closet cleaned up, I’ll be back. I like my little hidey-hole already.

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