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“Baby Girl” turned seven this month

Ryli turned seven back on Super Bowl Sunday. There were two things that she begged and pleaded for: a real desk and a Baby Alive. The count of Baby Alives is currently at three, but since she had visitation with her father on her birthday, G’ma-Mom and Dacey chose last Sunday to come up and deliver the only thing she didn’t get the previous weekend.

Originally, my mom, my dad, Dacey, and I were going to go in on a cute pink and white number from Ikea with all the bells and whistles. Then, as luck would have it, my step-sister was ready to get rid of her old desk that she had hung onto since she was probably around Ryli’s age. My mom scooped it up and got to work repainting it and making it Ryli’s.

At first, Ryli wanted to keep it in the livingroom/dining room. After attempting to help her with her homework a few consecutive nights, I decided that her doing homework anywhere near her brothers and the television. It took an average of an hour to get through six spelling words and a math worksheet.

Yesterday, while she was off at school, I moved her desk and chair into the corner of our room. I set up her pictures on the wall as she had them in the other room, plus I added my smaller bulletin board, with a four little Erin Condren Compliment Cards in each of the corners. Ryli inherited my old desk pad calendar, as I can no longer have one on my desk and expect to be able to see much of it. I also divided up my desk set with her, giving her a paper sorter and a pen & pencil cup. She briefly had a coffee mug with a very appropriate Hillary Clinton quote, but swapped it out for one of mine that I got from Living Well, Spending Less that simple states “Love Your Life”. I also hung her two favorite pictures of late, both of Dacey as a baby, along with the canvas quote from her still #1 song to have sung to her at night.  Here is the finished result:


Actually, I realized that I did add Dacey’s senior pictures hung to the right side of the desk. She kinda sorta worships her big sister. Now, all she needs is a cushion for her chair, because apparently, it hurts her butt. Before she got home, Landry helped pick up the floor around her desk and vacuum the floor. Then we dropped the plugs to her cell phone with no service (A.K.A. her really small, really cheap tablet) and one of my old iPods with all her animated soundtracks downloaded onto it.

Now, hopefully, I can make my closet-office look half as organized this weekend while she and Landry are off with their father.

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