Mama's Mission of the Month

Mama’s Mission of the Month: March 2017


As the old saying goes, the third time is said to be the charm. Maybe by month’s end, I’ll be able to switch the graphic over fron the “Mission NOT Accomplished… yet” to the “Mission Accomplished”. Things have finally started to come together, so I have a good feeling about this.

The printable for Mama’s Mission of the Month  can be found HEREand below you will find  Mama’s Mission of the Month for March 2017:


  • AM/PM routines for me
  • Read at least 5 books this month
  • Daily alone time for me


  • Chore charts and schedules implemented
  • A system for consequences and rewards for good and bad behavior
  • Designated screen free time daily


  • Stick to March’s budget and make rough draft of April’s
  • Set up accounts for Christmas and Emergency funds and the like
  • Get my monthly DART pass and enough passes on the DART app to get the kids everywhere they have to be (with a few extras for the unexpected)


  • Appointments set and kept for Connor and I (everyone else’s just kept…. they’ve already been made)
  • Keep up with pill sorters
  • Get Tucker’s various issues straightened out


  • Try to get out more (besides running errands)
  • Weekly family night
  • Streamline routine for visitation weekends


  • Use the blog planner.
  • Look into streamling help
  • Start good, old-fashioned drafts again (I like pens and paper)


  • Meal plan (and stick to it)
  • Get Organized in 30 Days by (modified to take 6 weeks, as my weekends are not mine half the time; they are property of X and DART)
  • Conquer the closets (master, hall, linen, and porch)


  • Start bullet journaling and keep all callendars up to date.
  • Schedule meeting at NDHS regarding Tucker, Parent Portal, and everything else.
  • Have EVERYONE (including myself) prep for the next day the night before.

Here is to a good month, and the coming of peace, tranquility, and maybe even sanity! Wish me luck!

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