Mama's Mission of the Month

I’m back and Mama’s Mission of the Month for July 2017

Okay, I’m back. Again. This time, I’m not going anywhere. I feel better when I write, and I feel like hell here lately. So, I am back, for real this time.

It’s a day late, but I am doing a Mama’s Mission of the Month. I need to just stop and do everything that needs to be done, end of story. That will end up wearing me out, I’m sure, but I can always catch back up on sleep when the kids start back to school next month.

This time, I’m leaving the handwritten version propped up on my desk so I have to look at it every day. If that doesn’t help motivate me, I’m just plain screwed.

As always, you can find the printable for Mama’s Mission and all the details here. And, without further ado, here is my July 2017 list, with some tweaks done to my categories:



  • Doctor and dentist appointments addressed
  • Read Unf*ck Your Habitat and implement (and, no, the * is really represented by a letter. I censored it. She talks like I do.)
  • Read at least 2 books for me, for fun


  • Make a rough schedule to be implemented on 7/15 (start getting ready for the school year… gone will be the days of sleeping in)
  • Limit screen time starting 7/6
  • Start Sunday plan sessions… go over the week with the kids. Use the planners!


  • Definitive chore charts with set and expected rewards/penalties
  • Help Connor decide what’s next
  • Get Landry his referral appointments made


  • Unf*ck this place
  • Meal plan and stick to it
  • Make wish lists for each room


  • Rough budget through September
  • Cut out non-essential spending


  • Get out of the house more (errands and appointments don’t count)
  • Plan a getaway to Georgetown
  • Plan an eventual trip to Iowa


  • Start posting regularly
  • Limit Facebook for my mental health


  • Read Curly Girl and start practicing on my curly girly
  • Start prep work for Girl Scout troop
  • Take care of all outstanding paperwork

If all goes well, I will post an update in thirty days time filled with strike-throughs. Until then, I plan on giving you at least a couple blurbs to read each week until then.














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