Mama's Mission of the Month

July 2017 Mama’s Mission of the Month Recap & August 2017 Mama’s Mission of the Month Unveiling


So, I’m a couple of days late getting this posted.  The month of July simultaneously ran like molasses in January and the USS Enterprise at warp. Connor went to my mom’s before the Fourth of July and didn’t come back until this past Sunday. I was a little too inspired by Unf*ck Your Habitat and too sick of the quid pro quo around here. It was hot and miserable. The kids got in the most ridiculous fights, one which postponed commencing the curly girl routine with Ryli because we could NOT get her forehead wet.

Amazingly enough, despite some of my uncompleted tasks (like blogging), I completed the majority, and therefore, I proudly bring you the low down on July’s Mama’s Mission of the Month and this beauty:



  • Doctor and dentist appointments addressed (did not have a sitter, and I need my yearly, so I rescheduled)
  • Read Unf*ck Your Habitat and implement (and, no, the * is really represented by a letter. I censored it. She talks like I do.)
  • Read at least 2 books for me, for fun (Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris and The First Diana: Almost a Princess: The Tragic Story of the First Lady Diana Spencer by Sarah J. Freeman)


  • Make a rough schedule to be implemented on 7/15 (start getting ready for the school year… gone will be the days of sleeping in)
  • Limit screen time starting 7/6 (Ryli has been a lot easier… she’s been quite the artist)
  • Start Sunday plan sessions… go over the week with the kids. Use the planners!


  • Definitive chore charts with set and expected rewards/penalties
  • Help Connor decide what’s next
  • Get Landry his referral appointments made


  • Unf*ck this place (technically, still in progress, but it’s almost done, and after the blood, sweat, and tears, I’m going to take credit for it)
  • Meal plan and stick to it
  • Make wish lists for each room


  • Rough budget through September (which was partially nuked by life)
  • Cut out non-essential spending


  • Get out of the house more (errands and appointments don’t count)
  • Plan a getaway to Georgetown
  • Plan an eventual trip to Iowa


  • Start posting regularly
  • Limit Facebook for my mental health


  • Read Curly Girl and start practicing on my curly girly (due to a fit of rage and a plastic sword, the curly one is currently sleeping on earlier co-washed curly hair… wow!)
  • Start prep work for Girl Scout troop
  • Take care of all outstanding paperwork


And now, for August’s Mama’s Mission of the Month:


  • Schedule my doctor and dental appointments for 8/28 or later
  • Finish off Unf*ck Your Habitat and keep running with it
  • Read at least three books for me


  • Start getting school year schedule going
  • Implement Sunday “Plan-a-Thons” and get Ryli in the habit.


  • Definitive chore charts with set and expected rewards/penalties
  • Assist Connor as needed in his job search
  • Appointments scheduled for the little two before school.


  • Complete the Unf*cking of this house (a few things to be put off until school starts… I am not even getting into some of those potential temper tantrums)
  • Meal plan and stick to it
  • Type out the room-by-room wish lists


  • Re-do budget for September
  • Finish back to school shopping (rent U-Haul to get it to school)


  • Go to Georgetown
  • Work on a plan to go to Iowa with the kids one of these days


  • Just try to be a little more consistent on here and Momoirs
  • More time on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the FB pages for my blogs


  • Talk to Mr. Aponte and Emily about recruiting for the troop

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