OOPS! (Well, this IS embarrassing)

Almost to the point of ridiculous, actually. I started the month off with the best of intentions, and they seemed to instantaneously fizzle and flop. Life does that sometimes, I suppose.

It isn’t like I’m sitting back watching soap operas or anything like that. Landry had his tubes. The week before, they ended up scheduling him for a last-minute pre-op evaluation. He passed that with flying colors, however, we were partially jinxed by the PA saying that both of his ears looked great. He was at the weekend clinic less than 36 hours later with his second ear infection in under a month. Yeah for getting a prescription filled when it was written on a Saturday night and you have no car. We got it done, and as of Monday, Landry has tubes again.

Girl Scouts was on the third. I was scared that Ryli would be the only one there, as the fliers never were sent home with the students. Within a few minutes of the appointed hour, four other girls and their respective adults were there with us, and our brand new troop was officially born. As of this morning at the bus stop, it would appear that we have grown by two and I got myself a co-leader in my trusty teacher bestie, Nicole.

The sixth was an epic failure in babysitting arrangements for a committee meeting that I had at the school. First and second string sitters both fell through due to circumstances beyond their control. Third string was deployed with Ryli going over to a friend’s (and later having her first sleep over that wasn’t with Dacey). Fourth string was also activated with a set of ear buds, an Amazon Prime video purchase, my laptop, and eats from Racetrac for Landry. He sat through a three-hour meeting as well as any of the adults in the room. Added benefit was that his teacher and the principal were also in attendance, and his teacher brought him up some worksheets and PlayDoh to bolster mama’s bag of tricks.

Yesterday, my counselor and I decided that I was ready to drop back to every other week meetings. I got pulled into speak with Ryli’s counselor, and she’s doing well enough that after the next appointment, she will no longer go to counseling. Now, all that remains is to figure out what to do with Landry, who still needs the counseling, but also needs to go to tutoring, which is only available on Wednesday. So, for now, he will meet with his counselor at school until some other time slot opens up.

Connor started working, and so far, he likes it, so long as I make him some coffee beforehand. The little ones miss him something awful on the weekends they see their father, though. They leave before Connor wakes up in the morning (he closes, so he sleeps in), and by the time I pick them up at 6:00, his shift has already started. Last Sunday was awful, as Ryli refused to go to sleep until she saw him. Luckily, he didn’t close, and no one was hurt when she ran to the door and tackled him.

Tonight I get the lovely double whammy of conferences for the first 6 weeks of school and a last-minute meeting of the other committee I’m on. Then, to Target to grab bookshelves, then have a slumber party of sorts before going to the Texas State Fair tomorrow. After nearly ten years in Texas, I am finally going. Ryli went with her class last year while we were in the shelter, but it will be the first time for Landry and I. Then, things should calm down considerably. (famous last words, I know)

So, all goes well, I will pepper the weekend with a few posts in between projects. Maybe there will even be State Fair pictures! Until then, I WILL be back! And to give you the pre-Halloween creeps, I will actually have a plan (or some semblance of one). So, seriously, stay tuned!

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