Memories, Texas State Fair

Finally… a recap of the State Fair of Texas

So, nearly a week ago, after nearly ten years living in Texas, I finally went to the fair. Nicole took the littles and I. Connor declined, and later regretted it, as Pokemon stuffed critters were in 90% of the game booths on the fairway. I convinced Nicole to do the park and ride, so we hopped the train and off we went. Ryli went last year with her class at school, but we decided that it didn’t count; it was during school hours, so no fair food and no rides. Landry was the other rookie in attendance.


Once we got into the fair, we chose to just dig out a Sharpie and write our cell phone numbers on the kids’ arms, just in case, rather than hunt down the tent to get the bracelets. The kids posed for pictures as a farmer and a cow, then switched roles, and then we were off to the first hall, filled with Jeeps and just what any Transformers six-year-old wants to see, a Camaro. I may have told Landry that Bumblebee switched colors so he couldn’t be identified.


There was another reason for heading through the hall, and that was a cooler walk from the gate to the food and the fairway games and rides. We also got to see this big guy when we emerged:



Like most kids, Ryli and Landry are simultaneously scared by and fascinated with Big Tex. I just think, like Rick Astley from the 1980’s, the voice doesn’t match the body.

Nicole explained to the kids which fairway games were best to play, and which ones were a waste of money. She’s still working at Six Flags, so they paid attention and didn’t complain too much. Nicole and I played the fishing game with them, then we had our age and weight guessed respectively. The carney was way off on both, and the kids picked our prizes.

Miss Adrenaline picked the first ride. Landry and I sat it out. Then Nicole took them through the fun house and I sat that one out because of the questionable lay of the land. As we weaved towards the Texas Star, the kiddos went on the little tractor ride. I think Ryli went just to make Landry happy, because she wasn’t really into it. Then, we bumped into one of Ryli’s classmates in line to the haunted house ride.

The fun part was after the haunted house ride… Texas Star. Half of us are afraid of heights to some extent, but like that was going to stop us!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were in the first group of cars to get filled; last of the set of four. The wheel turns enough to get the four occupied cars emptied and refilled, then it repeats. Then, there’s a whole revolution, and then you’re done. Ryli looked so bored because the first she knew what was going to happen, as the adrenaline junkie in her screams “Too slow!!” Landry was questioning things in a manner that almost made me feel like he somehow heard about a few years back when there was a malfunction and people got stuck. He also was concerned that I would drop my phone. It was over way too soon. The view was awesome!

From Texas Star, Nicole and the kiddos grabbed sodas and I got a Diet Dew out of my backpack, then we walked across the walkway to the Aquarium. We got to pet stingrays and chocolate chip starfish, not to mention a few anemones. I washed up and went to look at a tank of seahorses, and Landry I knew was close behind. Right away, I saw that a pair of them were having a private moment, center stage in the tank. I hoped in vain that Landry wouldn’t notice. I had no such luck. Within an instant, Landry was pointing, very loudly saying that the seahorses were in love with each other and (even louder) that they were making babies. Good times.

After the aquarium, we slowly meandered back to the main gate. we snacked on fair fare on the way, and got rid of the last of our games card. Then the kids got their prizes that they’d seen on the way in (Bulbasaur for Lan, a squishy peach thing for Ry). We cashed the leftover coupons in on salt water taffy, and headed for home.

Plans have already been started for next year. The only major shake-up will be that we’ll have to go on the middle school fair day, as Dacey will be getting married on the elementary school fair day. That, and we are starting to save money now. Next year, we will go on more rides and eat a lot more food!

And here’s the trip home, with the kids’ answers to the question “Did you have fun?”


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