Quiet because I’m up to something…

So, it’s been awhile, and I apologize for that. I have been plotting, planning, organizing, sorting, purging, and running around like a chicken with my head cut off for what feels like an age. Finally, however, it would appear that things are getting to a point where things will be able to settle down and just flow. I’m not out of my mind, it will never be smooth sailing; there are too many moving parts with offspring involved. I am rather happy, however, with the set up that I’ve almost totally gotten going here.

I have been gone for the most part since mid-October, and I’m trying not to hate myself for it. It’s not that there hasn’t been things to write about; I’ve just been that out of sorts. There have been many, many things to tend to as far as the new school year; meetings for committees, meetings with staff to make sure that the kids both have good years, appointments for all, the Girl Scout Troop, getting my feet wet volunteering at the school, and just so much more.

As 2017 winds down, I will post about what all has changed or will be changing as we all kick it to the curb and welcome in 2018. So, just be aware, I will be back more and more.



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