Mama's Mission of the Month

Looking back to look forward…


Well, 2017 is taking its last breaths today. It has been a hell of a year; I think that much is certain. I actually made my Goodreads Reading Challenge with a few days to spare. Considering that during 2017, there were weeks, if not months, that I didn’t even open a book, that is pretty amazing. I think that I have finally gotten close to finding planner peace; so what if it’s evolved into a several planner deep system. I have not been as consistent with the blogging as I would have liked, but it has been a learning experience, that much is certain.

In the new year that is preparing to dawn at midnight, I honestly intend to change quite a lot of things for the better. My head is screwed on a tad bit more soundly and tightening up more every passing day. To have gone from a stay at home mom with limited responsibilities to one that has nearly a full plate, it has been an adjustment. For years, I have been very limited in my interactions with the world beyond my abode and my social media. X really did have me squirreled away, and getting out of that cocoon that I was put in has been hard to extricate myself from. I somehow became more shy, and less likely to take chances. Now, I am a leader of a multi-level Girl Scout troop, a committee member on two committees at Ryli and Landry’s school, a member of the PTO, a school volunteer, and I have friends (besides the tried and true Coley), and things are looking better than they have in years.

As of the 26th, we have been in this apartment for a year. I represented myself in court pro se this year, and didn’t do so bad for us. Tucker chose to return to Iowa, and I have come to terms with that. Connor is working. Dacey seems to be happy. Ryli and Landry have both had a few little issues crop up at school, but I got those addressed as fast as is humanly possible. This Christmas surpassed last year’s, which in my opinion speaks volumes, as I had not only a string of parties and a parade of gifts to contend with, but Jeff Heath and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys to beat.

I have friends that I can see any time I want, who put up with my stubborn ass and encourage me like none other. Friends that will gladly drive us to visitation exchanges or the store or any other place that we need to be rather than think of us taking DART.

Without further ado, I present to you January 2018’s Mama’s Mission of the Month, the first of twelve unveils planned for this year. I am enough of a realist to not expect much to stick until the week of the 9th, when school resumes and we get back to more of a scheduled deal. This time, I’m also going to let you all see what I will see each and every time I sit at my desk.



Self-Care is going to be a big one this year. If I don’t take care of myself, I am going to be useless to anyone else. It is not being selfish, but doing things for myself so that I function better in all my myriad of roles.

  • Implement AM/PM routines: Some of this will seem to be ridiculous (getting dressed and other things that should be “no brainers”) but they are things that I need to do FOR me to be the best I can be for all those who depend on me.
  • 5 Minute Journal twice per day: A new one on my part, that I acquired through the Add-On program of my quarterly addiction, FabFitFun. Journal first thing in the morning (most likely, after the morning sprint to the bathroom), and then last thing at night. Hoping it’ll keep my head space much clearer.
  • Increase water intake to 64 ounces per day: No, I have no intention on totally giving up my supreme vice of caffeine,but I NEED to drink more water. I’ll also put chia seeds or lemon or something in it to change things up. I’m probably going to pee… A LOT.


This is personal for my improvement and/or so I can scratch out a bit of a life for me.

  • Read at least 6 books in January: I fully intend on completing another Goodreads Reading Challenge, but this year, I’m shooting for 75 books by this time next year. That translates to roughly six and a quarter books per month.
  • Get up and get cute daily: Cute is relative, but I intend on getting up and dressed every damn day; make-up and all most days. It just makes me feel good, and it makes people wonder.
  • Routine, routine, routine: As I mentioned above, I am willing to concede that routine will be a bit of a farce until school resumes on the 9th, just because two kids means a handful of wild cards. Practice through the 8th, and the 9th we get down to business.


The big job.

  • Routines for the Littles: They need it as much as I do.
  • Read NIGHTLY to them: Just because it’s a good thing to do, they want me to, and any excuse to read Harry Potter again.
  • Restart counseling: They do so much better while in it.


Let’s face it; when the finances are in order, I’m happier, which typically results in everyone being happier.

  • Budget: I want to be better prepared for Christmas, back to school, and all that isn’t planned for.
  • No overdrafts: Must I explain?
  • Start savings accounts: One for Christmas, one to back up accounts.


Things to improve upon our home.

  • Schedule a project a day: Whether it be reorganizing the kitchen, cleaning a desk, or anything else to make this apartment more of a home.
  • Finish sorting clothes: The good, the bad, the ugly, the outgrown.
  • Meal Plan: Rather self explanatory, as well as a money saver.


What helps all the pieces come together.

  • Sundays are planning days: And as you will see a week from today, I will start taking pictures (and possibly video) as I set about tending to everything that helps me keep things running around here.
  • Rearrange kitchen: As always, I’m just not happy with the current set-up. Time for yet another change!
  • Redo storage closets: Clean out and rearrange the closets on the porch and in the hallway, so as not to need to store seasonal things with clothes and shoes.


To keep you all entertained.

  • Blog regularly/Make a schedule: May this come to fruition this time!!
  • Tidy Pinterest boards: A fear that they have become a bit of a clusterf**k as I have added to them so much.
  • Use Twitter more: I like it, need I say more?


Because not everything fits in the aforementioned categories.

  • Start Book Buddies and find more volunteer opportunities at the school: Book Buddies will be the lunch period after I eat with each little on their allotted day, and will help a kid with their reading. I’ll find more chances to volunteer as well, just because.
  • Plan Girl Scout Meetings at least one month out: I have the majority of the books (late addition of a Daisy means I need another set). This way, Nicole and I can coordinate our efforts further.
  • Get out more: Whether to take a walk, go shopping with a friend, or whatever.

Here’s to the last of 2017, and to 2018 being nothing short of phenomenal. On January 31, 2018, come back  to see how much is completed, and what my “final grade” for the month is, right before the unveiling of February’s Mama’s Mission.



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