February, Mama's Mission of the Month

Now this is a disaster

What’s that old saying about the best of intentions? The best of them are often laid to waste or something like that? Well, for all the pomp and circumstance of a month ago, things happened and a lot of what I had intended for the month of January fell way short. I also had some plans change, and those changes seem to be for the better, so I’ll just let things roll, and maybe, just maybe, things will be better in February.

Here is the graded sheet for this month. One thing that I’m changing up this year is showing the form from Mama Jenn Blog (you can find it here). It will be all filled out for the start of the month, and graded for the final day of the month.


This month was awful. I wish I would have had a big, red marker, but I made do with a Sharpie. I was pretty ugly. Three goals were continued to next month, and I didn’t even complete half of the other twenty-one. I gave myself a big F.

I’m going to go work on a game plan for February. Stay tuned, I’ll post it tomorrow.


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