Mama's Mission of the Month

A slightly delayed Mama’s Mission of the Month…

Grab your popcorn and get comfy on the 28th, as you will either be cheering or jeering as I yet again attempt Mama’s Mission of the Month. I figure anything has got to be better than January’s, right?MamasMission

I didn’t get it all done as planned yesterday, because I got caught up in housework and then, Nicole brought over my “new” iPad. We spent quite a lot of time getting her 600+ pictures and screenshots off of it before I got to wipe it and start setting it up. I stayed up a bit later than intended doing that, too. All the bills got paid, however, and I got a few groceries before the bus dropped off Ryli and Landry, so, all in all, it was a pretty damn good day.

This month, I’m going to add-on things that I plan on doing to hit all my goals for the month. I figure in doing that, I will add a secondary level of accountability for myself. We shall see, right?

Before I get to the subject at hand, remember, if you’d like to know more about Mama’s Mission of the Month, or get a copy of the printable, just head over to Mama Jenn’s intro post.



  • Continue working on AM & PM routines to get them well established and keep drinking my water. Lay stuff out the night before; review planner for the day; fill water the night before and keep by the bed. Keep a tracker of it.
  • Read at least an hour a day. This one shouldn’t be that hard, as I have stumbled in to several books I legit NEED to read.
  • Schedule my appointments. This I just need to do. No questions, no excuses!


  • Finishing touches to after school routines. This just needs a bit more time. January was brutal, between appointments, no after school activities for half the month, and the dreaded sick days.
  • with Landry. He’s doing well in school, but there are a few concepts that he struggles with. This takes care of those concepts while he has fun.
  • Get back into Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with Ryli. We’ll just do a restart, and maybe even Landry will sit for it.


  • Tweak the large projects from January and start to nit-pick. Just finish moving things around, so then I can get down to the nit-picking business of making things look even better.
  • Chores. The kids are starting to figure out that I’m more likely to grant special privileges or get them a little something if they help me out. We may be negotiating allowances soon.
  • THE PURGE. Between the kids and I, we have enough clothes and footwear to clothe a small country. Time to do away with what doesn’t fit or never gets worn.


  • Stay in the black. Really this one is pretty self-explanatory. No overdrafting.
  • Save some money. I am so sick and tired of running out.
  • Keep up with the budget. And now that I have them started, keep up with my receipts and registers, because the register balances, if kept up with, are far more accurate.


  • Hang out more.
  • Pick up the phone once in a while; let’s face it, some of my friends are rather far-flung. Some call me and ask “How ya doing, Stranger?”
  • Take Dad downtown and show him the sights. He wants to go to Dealey Plaza, see the old book depository, and ride the train. I can do that.


  • Post. Write. Routine. They may not be in any particular order,  but I need to get into a routine of writing and posting. I feel better that way.
  • Expand my Feedly. I need to get back into reading more blogs like I used to do.
  • More activity on Twitter, Facebook Pages, Pinterest, Instagram, et al.


  • Plans for GS meetings all laid out. Also, plans for cookie booths and outings.
  • Reading Buddies and volunteer for a bit after.
  • SBDM meeting.


  • Keep up with calendars. I started that on Monday, and will continue. I’m also making the switch from Cozi to Picniic.
  • Set up iPad
  • ME time

I just feel more optimistic than ever about this month. Hopefully, I’m right.


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