Mama's Mission of the Month

Recap of February 2018 Mama’s Mission of the Month


Wow… I’m really glad February is a short month, because Mama’s Mission was nothing if not a glaring failure. I’m not even going to bother posting the results; too much red.

February has pretty much been a crap month for me since 1995. I have been known to jokingly refer to February 1995 as the month that tried to kill me twice, but failed both tries; meningitis to kick off the month, the stroke to end it. The epitome of awful for anyone, particularly a nineteen year old. The only truly stellar February I’ve had since has been 2010, when I had Ryli. She’s tempered every February since, but this one was rough, nonetheless. My dragon had yet another court date on Valentine’s Day; that was a tad nerve-wracking, No fear, however, as there was another reset. Then, there was the spectre of Valentine’s, and those innocent little questions that just remind me that I am single. Then, add to that the fact that Mother Nature has been temperamental, and someone has been sick at all times this month, and it’s been pretty craptastic.

It wasn’t all bad. My dad did come down. I did the tourist thing with him downtown, and he took the kids swimming at the hotel. I think the most fun, however, was going to The Magic Time Machine for Ryli’s birthday dinner. Princess Jasmine was our server, the kids surprised their grandpa in how much they ate from the “Salad Car”, and they had their caricatures drawn on the way out.

I already know one thing that will definitely get its own category on March’s Mama’s Mission and which one will be going by the wayside. I’m not telling about the swap, since that will be revealed tomorrow.

For now, I have small people to get off to bed, and then I have to finish up getting things ready for March. See you in the morning.

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