Challenges, Mental Health, Self-Care

No more neglect…

I have fallen deep into a rut. I don’t think I realized how far down I was until I did the bare minimum to start the climb back out. I was trying to take care of everything and everyone else, completely neglecting to think of myself. That ends here and now. I can’t properly take care of everyone and everything else if I feel as if I am falling apart at the seams.

Actually, it ended about a week and a half ago; tomorrow, it starts in earnest. The first day of spring found me at my doctor’s office, getting refills. Since then, I have been spot on taking my medication. I’ve been doing everything in my power to get more sleep. The rest, I’ll start tomorrow.

I’m not procrastinating. Tonight, I put everything together to roll this all out tomorrow. Much of it, I will outline tomorrow in Mama’s Mission of the Month. Things are finally turning around, and I don’t want to look back. What better time to make changes than the beginning of the month? There’s also the added bonus of starting something so deliberate on April Fool’s Day. I am a smart ass, after all.

For starters, I found a post on Pinterest that was basically a challenge of a month of self-care, from Brianna Fae’s Mental Health Blog, which you can find here. Here’s what the graphic looks like:


Starting on the 8th, I’ll post updates about how well I’m doing on the challenge, and continue doing that throughout the month. The only time I won’t post the weekly recap on Sunday will be the 30th, which is a Monday.

The format that I’m using on Mama’s Mission is also going to get an update. I am incorporating two self-care related categories until I get the hang of life with it regularly incorporated into my routine.

Until tomorrow…

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