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Friday the 13th… teeheehee

Thankfully, the little ones don’t buy into the superstition yet, since they’re testing again today. We’re down to the last six weeks of the school year. In the next few weeks, we will hear back as to whether or not they get their transfers to a different elementary school for next year. Hopefully, my poor crossed everything don’t fall off while I wait.

Nicole and I have already started to plan for them transferring, since she will be taking them to and from until I get a vehicle. That means dry runs starting in August, just to figure out the timing of everything. The kids have already been warned that they will still have to get up early; potentially even earlier than they get up now, as Nicole has to be there as well. They’re good with that, though, at least in theory. We shall see, we shall see.

This weekend should be interesting. When they drift off to sleep tonight, all the tablets and Ryli’s phone will vanish. In all likelihood, so will the 20+ Baby Alives and all the Littlest Pet Shop figures. I’m going to be nice and let them sleep in, but once they get up, they have to start work on their room, whether they like it or not. They get enough done, I’ll return some of their toys and tech until they drift off to sleep yet again. Then, I’ll repeat the process. I will help, don’t get me wrong, but gone are the days where I am the one to clean up their room. They just demolish it again.

Other than that, we’ll just relax and do laundry… after we sort through the clothes that either don’t fit or just never get worn. It should be a satisfying weekend, once we get through it!



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