Mama's Mission of the Month

Mama’s Mission of the Month April 2018 Recap (not good)


Remember that? Unfortunately, I do. April was a month for big dreams and bigger frustrations. My medications aren’t quite where they should be, which led to a lot of frustration and tears on my part. I also figured out what was off and will address that with my doctor this month. The kids being at home for a week with that wicked stomach bug didn’t help, either.

I’m going to strike through what I accomplished, and turn the disappointments a lovely shade of red. Anything that was at least started, but not completed, will be green.

Self-Care (Physical)

  • AM/PM routines
  • Walk a minimum of 2,500 steps a day
  • Minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night (partially dependant on Ryli and Landry)

Self-Care (Mental/Emotional)

  • Journal at least every other day
  • Weekly therapy (only missed once, thanks to the stomach bug from HELL)
  • Read 30 minutes minimum a day, and take a half hour all to myself.


  • Keep up with everyone’s medications
  • INR* appointments as scheduled
  • Schedule with dentist


  • Nail down routines
  • Address need for counseling
  • Finalize things for “House Cup” (trust me, that will get an entire post to itself)


  • Streamline storage and organization¬†
  • Meal plan
  • Set chores


  • Budget
  • Keep registers up to date
  • NO extra purchases


  • Make and follow blog calendars
  • Facebook and Twitter regularly
  • Reorganize my Pinterest


  • Planners up to date (final set on Sundays)
  • Minimum of 64 ounces of water per day
  • 30 Day Self-Care Challenge (that would be on top of what I have previously listed here)


As you can see, it was not my proudest month. That shall change this month, I know it. I’ll unveil May’s a bit later. Until then, my friends.

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