Goodreads Reading Challenge 2018

Happy New Year’s! I went ahead and signed up this morning. After some consideration of having to read a partial number a month, I threw caution to the wind and changed my pledge from 75 books to 84. Now, I only have to read seven books cover to cover a month. Considering I read the bulk of my 50 for 2017 in the last two and a half months of the year, I think I have this one well in the bag.

I’ve also decided to do the Read-Aloud Revival with the kids this month. They each have to read to someone or something for ten minutes 25 out of the 31 days of the month. Ryli will be all over that, as we got the illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. She reads to me for ten minutes, then I’ll read to her until she’s ready for bed. Landry may be a bit more of a challenge, as he’s still figuring out the ropes at reading. Nothing a bit of Pete the Cat won’t fix, with a side of Dr. Seuss.

So, now we have a few reading goals to start the year off right. Landry is going to be like Ryli; slow to get started, but once he gets started, I suspect I’ll have another bookworm on my hands.


Just for fun blog challenge… Day One

Okay… so here is the fluff portion of my two challenges. I figure one to amuse, and one with a point, and come November, posting normally should be pretty damn easy.

Today, I get to give an intro and a recent picture. Being that I’m not a big selfie-taker, I’ll make do with a decent one from our mini-vacation to Georgetown in August for tax-free weekend.

I am Lisa, relatively new forty-two year old. I have a total of five kids; three of them live with me. My oldest is twenty-one and relatively newly engaged; the youngest is six, and passed out on my lap. Between them, the remainder are seven, sixteen, and nineteen. I am a survivor of domestic violence. I have also survived a stroke at age nineteen, and a pulmonary embolism at twenty-nine (thank you, Leiden Factor V). I’m originally from Iowa, but shortly after my mom relocated to Texas, I came down myself.

Right now, I spend my time trying to find a way to get this place organized to my liking on a shoestring budget. I’m on a few committees at the elementary school that the littles attend, plus PTO, and trying to get a Girl Scout troop going there. Thankfully, Dallas has a fairly good public transit system, or else I’d be in a pickle.

If you’d like to know anything else, just ask. You may spawn an entire post out of it!



There I am, hamming it up with the littles taking the TRE to Ft. Worth to hop an Amtrak down to see G’ma-Mom, G’pa Alan, Dacey, and Uncle Chad mid-August.


Coming back and doing so on a mission…

Life has been interesting as of late, to put it mildly. The new school year is wrapping up its first six weeks tomorrow. Dallas County Schools is still essentially clueless, as the little ones’ bus has yet to pick up or drop off within five minutes of the scheduled times. Things at the school have been better than the were last year, but there are still hiccups and road bumps galore with the transition to being an ACE school. The fledgling Girl Scout troop meets for the first time next week. I’m on two committees at school, plus on the PTO. I’ve represented myself in court and continue to wait for the trial of my dragon. Connor got himself a job. The kids pulled down a few nominations for TAG. I have been constantly running white uniform dress shirts through the wash since August 30, as well as the perpetual hunt for those wayward black socks and white socks.

I will officially be back here no later than Sunday, October 1, 2017. Truthfully, I will try to be back before then to go over what exactly I have up my sleeves for the month of October and onward. It involves more of what you may or may not have come to expect from me, such as Mama’s Mission of the Month, and some fun new little treats in the realm of a blog challenge or maybe even two, and the added gems of me being on all these committees and leading a Girl Scout Troop and everything else.

So, without any further ado, I will now be returning to my scheduled oddity of doing my own laundry so I don’t have to scramble any longer. The kinks are finally getting straight.

Here’s a few pictures from the first day of school. Landry is still loving the uniform, where as Ryli is a bit sick of it.

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Things have suddenly gotten a lot less complicated.

The month of May seemingly went by in the blink of an eye. Screw recapping Mama’s Mission. At this point, I’m torn as to whether I’ll do one for June while I attempt to find my new groove while entertaining the kids who’ll be done with the 2016-2017 school year in about twelve hours. Tomorrow, I may or may not do Mama’s Mission, but I will definitely catch y’all up and unveil my game keepcalmimbackplan for June.

Reading Challenge Update: Week Seven (8/50)

Another week into the month, and I am honestly wondering if maybe I lowballed my goal for the year. Right now, I’m sitting at 16% of my goal completed, and today ends week seven of the year. So far, I’m two books ahead of schedule. Not too shabby. I guess it’s the benefit of not having a vehicle of my own at present and having kids that just have to go to appointments, visitation, and whatnot.

Part of what has me devouring books as of late is my penchant for all things old and royal in English history. From reading Philippa Gregory, and then moving on to Sharon Kay Pennman, I’ve started really getting into the things before the War of the Roses. I just read a six book series by Juliet Dymoke chronicling some of the plotting, warring, and shenanigans of the Plantagenets, starting with William Marshall and his service to the first five Plantagenet kings in A Pride of Kings and ending with The Sun in Splendour, which ends with the death of Richard III on Bosworth Field.

Now, I’m into a trilogy by the same author covering from just before the Conquest to Henry II. I finished the first book in that series Friday as Ryli and Landry slept on the train on the way home from their check ups. As soon as I finished Of The Ring of Earls I downloaded Henry of the High Rock. As of right now, I’m 24% done with it, according to my Kindle.

My list of things to read is growing by the day, and I’ve still got a few books in various stages of being read. I’m thinking that this may come to be to see how much I underestimated how much I love to read. In all honesty, I haven’t been on this big of a book reading bender since I watched Poldark on Materpiece in 2015 and proceeded to mow through all 12 books in that series.

All that being said, I honestly hope to have at least ten books knocked off by month’s end. We shall see.

Reading Challenges: Status Report

As I mentioned way back at the beginning of last month, I signed myserlf and the youinger kids up for a reading challenge a piece. I said that I would give updates, and I’m a little behind on that, unless you count the little notes on the recap for Mama’s Mission of the Month.

The kids challenge, from Read Aloud Revival, was for the month of January. After the first few days, I decided to just do it with Ryli reading to me, and Landry if he was into it on any given day. By the tenth, Ryli came home from her first day of school at her new school, and lo and behold, Monday-Thursday, part of her homework is to read to three people and have them initial her homework sheet. Most nights, Landry chose to do other things, like torment Connor and Tucker, Ryli did her homework. We were not the greatest Friday-Sunday, but, per the challenge description, she made it by reading more days than not.

My book challenge is through GoodReads and Amazon Kindle, and it goes all year. I set my goal for FIFTY books this year. At first, I thought that I would be pushing hard to pull that off. Then I read five books in January, with a laundry list of them in queue and 4 at various stages of being read at the moment. Lord of Greenwich (The Plantagenets, #5)  by Juliet Dymoke is what I’m furthest into, and the first five books of the series make up 80% of the books I read last month. The current political climate has me reading 1984 by George Orwell. I may be only 10% into it, but considering I’ve picked it up twice for about five to ten minutes a pop, I’m guessing that I could finish it in a couple hours. I’ve barely started Fangs and Fennel (The Venom Trilogy #2) by Shannon Mayer, but that’s just because I’m too sucked into the first two. Rounding out my list is a re-read for me. Tonight, Ryli gets an introduction to Harry, Hermoine, Ron, and everyone else. Bedtime is sliding up so she can snuggle in bed and have J.K. Rowling‘s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone read to her. I’m currently one book ahead of schedule.

As far as books I want to read… my list of books I want to read (or in some cases, re-read) is growing all the time. If I keep this up, I think I’ll need a bigger number for next year!

Eighteen years ago today…

Was the only time I laid eyes on you. I had to take you with me to the naval hospital per doctor’s orders, so I hung onto you until I turned you over to a faceless nurse. Loosing you was hard, and at that point, I had no way of knowing just how much the repercussions would affect your older siblings, your father, or myself.

Within the week, your father would meet the woman he would eventually abandon Dacey, Connor, and I for, in a Yahoo chat room. Within six weeks, he and I separated. By summer, he left us and the Marines to be with her and her kids in Canada.

I think loosing you caused more chaos than even my stroke at 19 did. Loosing you set off a long, slow-moving domino effect that I can finally say I’m finally finishing up the clean up from. You never took a breath on this earth, but you impacted us all. You weren’t planned, just like all the events that came after you left were.

I’ve forgiven your father. He talks to Connor, who relays message between us. He’s Facebook friends with Dacey, too.

I only carried you for about two months physically, but I still wonder what you might have been. What could have been, if you only had stayed. I love you, little one, even now.